The History of Actors Circle

Actors Circle was formed in 1982. A group of actors was sitting in a circle on the floor of the University of Scranton auditorium and decided on the name for their organization before performing their first production, The Crucible. Originally the group was known as The Jefferson Hall Players, but the University asked them to change the name because there was already a small theater group at the University with that same name.

Over the years, Actors Circle has also performed at other venues such as the Scranton Cultural Center, the Century Club, the Jewish Community Center, Nay Aug Park, the Everhart Museum, the Lackawanna Children’s Library, the Lackawanna County Courthouse, and the Tripp House.

In 1984, Providence Playhouse became home to Actors Circle. In this small intimate theatre, productions such as comedies, dramas, classics, musicals, plays from well known authors, and obscure, but important, playwrights have been performed. Actors Circle has also commissioned original works, such as the adaptation of Frankenstein by Scranton native Ted LoRusso, and an original play by John McInerney. Other theatrical organizations have also been welcomed to perform in the home of Actors Circle such as DGM Productions, Inc.

The founders' mission was to keep live theatre accessible to the general public, as well as to educate and enlighten, not only audiences, but actors, directors, technical crew and stage managers as well. Actors Circle continues to strive to fulfill this goal by providing the community with laughter and thought-provoking performances. This 2016- 2017 Actors Circle celebrates its 35th season.